Timeline of the Kingdoms

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” – from The Chronicles of Oa, Vol. I, by Tranto Wordfellow

The Taenish Calendar tracks time since the fall of the Sha’an Empire; thus celebration of a new year is also a celebration of the formation of the Unified Kingdoms.

Historians have also split the history of the Unified Kingdoms into eras, according to certain watershed moments.

The First Era – (Year 1 – 194) – Disappearance of Taen the Conqueror, The Court of Nightmares, Formation of the Conclave

The Second Era – (Year 195 – 329) – Rise of Ondarinism, Establishment of the Crags Province and the Greenwold, Invasion of the Paolic Clans.

The Third Era – (Year 330 – 589)Battle of Red Snow, Establishment of the Palelands, Stahlic Uprising, The Bog War

The Fourth Era – (Year 590 – Now) – Establishment of the Redwater Province, The Eternal Eistefodd and the Massacre at Old Oak,

Timeline of the Kingdoms

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