The Second Era

“Innocence is irrelevant.” – Questor Henry Longhallow, 220 T.R.

The Second Era

Year 195
King Drusis of House Godfrey writes the Book of Ondarin
Church of Ondarin given political and cultural prominence

Year 207
Johannus the Just of House Godfrey is anointed the High King of the new Taenish Kingdom.
House Jordayne and House Draegar dispute his claim for tax and tithe.
House Godfrey declares war on the Crags

Year 214
House Draegar is finally humbled during the Siege of Blackcrag. Swears fealty to the new High King.
House Godfrey declares war on the Greenwold.

Year 215
High King Johannus the Just dies, succeeded by his son Silus the Frowner.
Silus continues campaign against the Greenwold. Declares war on Redwater.

Year 216
House Jordayne is decimated; all male members are killed, one in ten female members are spared and married off, effectively destroying any heritable line.
House Bryce supplants Jordayne as Lord Protectors of the Greenwold, a province in the new Taenish Kingdom
High King Silus the Frowner signs an armistice with Redwater.

Year 217
High King Silus the Frowner sanctions the Ondarin Inquisition in Greenwold. Stahlic pagans and non- Conclave arcanists are put to death. It quickly spirals out of control- several Conclave arcanists are ‘mistakenly’ put to death, mere accusations of Stahlic ties are sometimes enough to see someone put to death.

Year 220
Satrap Glynn is famously pardoned by Lord Bryce. However, he immolates himself in the square of Old Oak in protest of the Inquisition. With the threat of popular revolt, Lord Bryce petitions an end to the Inquisition in Greenwold.
First Ondarin Inquisition ends.

Year 318
The united Paolic Clans under White King Mordech cross the White River to sack Aspenwulle.
Military support for the Greenwold is slow; Lord Bryce successfully petitions the Church of Ondarin for aid in the defence of his province. The Church Militant is formed.

Year 329
Taenish forces succeed in pushing the Palelanders back over the White River. High King Artor the Wise decides to continue across the White River himself.

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The Second Era

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