The Redwater Province

The only thing worse than dying in the Roodsein’s bog country is, possibly, having to live in it.” – from A History of the Bog War by Captain Yohn Boorhallow

There is something majestic in the bad taste of Redwater” from Hodge And Podge: Roodsein Architecture by Helena duVoort

There are perhaps stranger countries and regions in the world of Oa, but within the Kingdoms none are so actively and happily eccentric than the lands of the Redwater Province or its Roodsein people.

The region is dominated by the massive, changing, winding Red River. The lands around it are notoriously swampy— and arable too, when the season is right. Not unlovely, the terrain of the Province is nonetheless an outlier to that which the mainstream citizen of the Unified Kingdoms would be used to.

For all the backward reputation of the fens of the Red River, however, the Province’s capital of Redwater City is a bustling and progressive city. Traders from Iron Ghozul, mercenaries from the Southron City-States, and freebooters from the Mercenary Lands all mingle.

Other notable locations in the Province are Clegg-on-Red which stands where the Red River empties into the eastern sea, and Voort-on-Fallow the largest agricultural community in the Province.

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The Redwater Province

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