The Greenwold

The old green fields and dark, brambly woods hold in them every sin of every man and woman, every transgression recalled in some stark and naked way. The land remembers and so too must its people.” – from The Chronicles of Oa, Vol. III by Tranto Wordfellow

An ancient and lush land, the Greenwold is home to both natural beauty and old grudges. Its native people, the Stahlmen, have historically endured political and cultural persecution from almost the very beginning of the Unified Kingdoms.

Once a Stahlic stronghold, the Province capital of Old Oak instead hosts a Lord Protector whose adherence to Ondarinist dogma borders on zealotry. The infamous Massacre at Old Oak sparked yet another rebellion by the native Stahlmen, and though the High King has managed to end the violence much of the anger remains.

The massive Deepgreen is a forest so large that much of it remains unexplored. Treasure hunters hope to find their fortunes, there, in undiscovered Sha’anii ruins or Stahlic burial sites. Thistle Hold stands at the Deepgreen’s edge, a growing frontier-town with little oversight from the Lord Protector.

Other notable cities in the Greenwold are Aspenwulle, which stands at the largest crossing point for the White River, and King’s Sheathe the fortress of the Church Militant.

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The Greenwold

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