The Fourth Era

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – High King Rolyn the Dark at his coronation, 856 T.R.

The Fourth Era

Year 590
Queen Regina Reed of Redwater marries High King Tyrion the Solemn. Redwater officially welcomed into the Kingdoms as a province under House Reed.

Year 837
High King Richter the Gentle outlaws the Stahlic festival of Eistedfodd, which was largely responsible for maintaining Stahlic culture.
Satrap Gwyndol defies the edict, and hosts The Eternal Eistedfodd outside the gates of Old Oak. He calls other tribes to join him in the massive gathering. A great many Stahlmen join.
High King Richter the Gentle personally heads a military force to oust the Stahlmen. The ensuing Massacre at Old Oak sees the death of Satrap Gywndol along with a great deal of innocent civilians. Richter the Gentle is himself grievously wounded and dies later.
Rolyn the Dark succeeds his father, but his mother reigns in his stead as Queen-Regent Lyssa the Nice until he comes of age.

Year 856
Rolyn the Dark is finally crowned High King of the Taenish Kingdoms.

Year 858
Rolyn the Dark commissions a memorial cairn outside Old Oak.

Year 878
Current date.

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The Fourth Era

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