“All Taenish are mongrels. That is the fate of all conquerors, I think, when all is said and done. Both conqueror and conquered bow to the same master: Time” from The Chronicles of Oa, Vol. I by Tranto Wordfellow

The peoples who claim heritage with Taen the Conqueror are descended from the various tribes and non-Sha’anii ethnic groups which lived in the central part of the continent.

Contemporary Taenish culture is in many ways dominated by their spirituality and connection to the Church of Ondarin. Most Taenish are expected to offer reverence to the High And Holy, and respect those who do likewise.

The general Taenish temperament, it has been noted, is one of quiet superiority— even those of Taenish heritage in the furthest reaches of the Unified Kingdoms is likely to hold fast to their pedigree as descendant of Taen the Conqueror.

In Taenish culture, nobility is a thing distinct and apart from the common man but there is a strong impetus for the powerful to care for the weak. More than most, the Taenish embody the traditional organization of feudalism as a two-way obligation.

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