“That’s the Paolic people for you— they treat a serious thing as a joke, and a joke as a serious thing.” – from Where It Is Real: The Paolic Folk by Jan duFalk

There are generally two Paolic stereotypes to those who have never met someone from the Palelands; there is the swaggering, barrel-chested buffoon popular in Taenish plays of the last century, and there is the brooding, dark-eyed reaver from the history books.

Both stereotypes fail to encapsulate the complicated history and culture of the Paolic people. The Taenish first met the Paolic when the latter began raiding below the White River. In 330 T.R., High King Artor the Wise broke the Paolic threat once and for all at the Battle of Red Snow. Thereafter, the various Jarls of the Paolic Clans swore fealty to the Taenish Crown— and have remained loyal ever since.

The Paolic culture values things like endurance, determination, and strength but, importantly, it values a communal duty as well. No man’s ambition should win out over the collective social health, goes the Paolic wisdom. It is easy to see why— in the unforgiving, uncompromising tundra of the Palelands, one needs must rely on their neighbor.

While southerners may stereotype the Paolic as straightforward to a fault, many have found to their dismay that the Palelander they had wished to cheat had learned their own sort of guile from the harsh northern lands.

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