Court of Nightmares

“And the Men went into the world with the Hunger always behind it; we are and so must feed, we feed and so we are” – from The Law Of Hunger by Jansen Rourke, burned at the stake 79 T.R.

Emerging and contributing to perhaps the strangest and most terrifying time in Taenish history, the Court of Nightmares is the name given to an insidious and ambitious cult that attempted to upend the entire structure of the burgeoning Taenish Kingdom. Evidence of the Court’s activity can be found as early as 52 T.R, shortly after the death of Myrddon, in which riots and demonstrations broke out across Godsrock.

The Court did not reveal itself directly, however, until 78 T.R. in which it infamously curried favor with Lord Grunwald Hauser of the Greenwold.

The Court of Nightmares, as far as anyone can tell, were a community of magic-users who believed that one’s ability to use and apply magic was the only metric of worth. Its adherents sought positions of power, manipulated civic structures, and created craven dens for themselves in which they could indulge those vices to which they felt entitled.

Most notoriously, they structured themselves as a crass parody of Taenish feudalism— their oaths and fealties, however, were to one another and to the strange Dreamcreatures and magical entities which populated the Court’s upper echelons.

Cealic the Black was instrumental in bringing the Court’s activities to light (it was he who brought Lord Hauser before an Ondarinist tribunal), and though cynical historians may posit that he was merely removing the competition, his actions earned enough trust that he was able to form the Conclave of Arcanists.

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Court of Nightmares

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