Conclave of Arcanists

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.” – Caelic the Black, 51 T.R.

In 43 T.R. a young Taenish man named Caelic was adopted as apprentice to Myrddon the Mystic, the legendary companion of Taen the Conqueror. Even though it is said that Myrddon didn’t impart even a fraction of his arcane knowledge to young Caelic, the scrupulous journals and notes Caelic kept eventually formed a coherent methodology for the study of magic.

Despite anti-arcane sentiments of the time, Caelic and his proteges proved instrumental in 76 T.R. when they aided in rooting out an insidious cult called the Court of Nightmares. Caelic received special dispensation to organize magic-users within the Unified Kingdoms, such that any who joined his Conclave of Arcanists would be protected under the law.

So it has gone for over eight hundred years.

The Conclave is led by a Council of Archmages who attend to things like internal administration and curriculum guidelines for the various Conclavite universities, magehouses, and manceries. There are twelve Archmages on the Council—each an acknowledged expert in their field—and a single “Head Librarian” who is voted into the Council by the entire Conclave.

Arcanists of the Conclave are required to swear the Blood Troth; they must also surrender two vials of their blood (one to the Conclave, one to the Church). These are used to find and reprimand a Conclavite arcanist who breaks either the rules of the Conclave or the Crown. The Conclave has little tolerance for arcanists who would endanger the position of the Conclave as a haven for arcanists within the Kingdoms.

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Conclave of Arcanists

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