Church of Ondarin

“I believe in Ondarinism as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” – from The Faith Dictum by Prelate Dieter Erhard

The veneration of the supposed omnipowerful, omni-capable, and omni-benevolent being ‘Ondarin’ was not formalized until 195 T.R., when High King Drusis the Scribbler collected the various theological writings concerning Him into a single volume.

Before that, Ondarin was worshiped. Afterwards, Ondarin reigned.

The Church is organized into three “Ministries” and led by a single Hierophant who is considered Ondarin’s representative in the world. The three Ministries of the Church are the Prelacy (the priests and clerics), the Inquest (the inquisitors and lorekeepers), and the Church Militant (the knightly orders and holy legion).

Ondarinism historically opposes Stahlic Paganism and the practice of magic. It does not recognize the colloquial notion of The Dream and considers all the powers and denizens therein to be part of the Great Destroyer whose works and aims are contrary to those of Ondarin. The Church has a tense but stable relationship with the Conclave of Arcanists.

The fundamental dogma of Ondarinism is expressed by the “Three Holy Truths” laid out by Drusis so many centuries ago;

Ondarin is the Lord your God, your Master and Benevolent Father to whom all obedience and duty are owed. Serve Him.

There is no greater power than Ondarin, and all other works which purport to be are False and Hellish. Deny Them.

The body of Ondarin is but one, though each brother and sister of the Faith seem a thing and part separate and divisible. Love Them.

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Church of Ondarin

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