The Third Era

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.” – Lord Martin Jorje, 404 T.R.

The Third Era

Year 330
High King Artor the Wise defeats White King Mordech at the Battle of Red Snow. The Paolic Clans are broken on the field.
Corbin Banmor, the king’s standard-bearer, is raised to peerage and forms the new House Banmor. Banmor marries the daughter of Laird Clynddylan from the Palelander Clans; the Palelanders swear fealty to the Taenish throne.

Year 404
Stahlic uprising in the Greenwold. High King Christof the Silent sanctions a Second Ondarin Inquisition in order to help put down the rebellion.

Year 419
Christof the Silent dies, High King Cillian the Heartless is crowned and immediately ends the Second Ondarin Inquisition.

Year 500
Barbarian tribes from the far north burn Northlight to the ground. Starkholme is besieged.

Year 501
Siege of Starkholme is broken by Lord Banmor. Ruins of Northlight are reclaimed and resettlement begins.

Year 545
High King Alain the Cynic attempts to renegotiate the terms of the original armistice. Negotiations break down.
Second War for Redwater begins.

Year 551
Frustrated by six years of bloody combat in the swamps and bogs around the Red River, High King Alain the Cynic withdraws his troops from Redwater land. No formal treaty is signed.

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The Third Era

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