The First Era

“In a time of destruction, create something.” – High Priest Pallus VI, 79 T.R.

The First Era

Year 1
In the wake of his victory over the Sha’an Empire, Taen the Conqueror renames Shaliper to Godsrock. Establishes the Kingdom of Taen.

Year 39
Taen the Conqueror disappears. House Goodfray (Godfrey) appoints a Royal Steward in his absence. Steward is ratified by House Jordayne and House Draegar to collect tax and tithe.

Year 41
Myrddon the Magicker (Wizard Adhan, Morlin Ambrosius, Martin of Ambrose) takes Caelic the Black as an apprentice.

Year 52
Myrddon dies in his sleep. Caelic the Black forced to flee Godsrock during anti-arcane riots. Fate of Myrddon’s body is uncertain, but most believe Caelic interred it while in flight.

Year 76
Rise of the Court of Nightmares. Servants of the Nightmare Court wreak havoc across Taenish lands. Anti-arcane violence and persecution reaches a fever pitch.

Year 78
Caelic the Black is instrumental in the defeat of the Far King, mortal leader of the Nightmare Court’s minions.
Caelic the Black forms the Conclave, for the safe and controlled study of the arcane. The Blood Troth is put in place to assuage popular anti-arcane sentiments.

Year 83
Royal Steward of House Godfrey dies. A new Steward is appointed, but neither Jordayne or Draegar will ratify or contest the appointment. Without the legal authority to gather tax and tithe – and with the provinces already largely self-governed – the Kingdom of Taen is generally agreed to have died a quiet death.

Year 110
Caelic the Black dies. He is buried secretly.

The Second Era
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The First Era

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