Notable Members of the Nightmare Court

We only come when we are called.” – written in blood on the walls of Old Oak, 77 T.R.

The Court of Nightmares was populated by both mortal magic-users and magical entities. They organized themselves in a rough hierarchy. When the budding Church of Ondarin and Caelic the Black pursued their destruction, they also cataloged those creatures involved.

The Black Jester, Lord of the Court
A craven, twisted mockery of a court jester. Reported to look like a seven-foot tall, thin-limbed entity dressed in monochromatic motley. Haunted and harassed individuals until they committed suicide. Personally destroyed by Caelic the Black.

Lord Grunwald Hauser, Dusk’s Ambassador
Patriarch of the House Hauser, just outside Caelmonte, swayed into the service of the Court of Nightmares. Isolated his home town and partook in months of strange experiments, perverse orgies, and blood-rituals. His death brought the Court of Nightmares to the attention of Caelic the Black. Was killed by the father of a boy he abducted.

The Dancer, Marshal of the Beyond
An enigmatic figure said to be obsessed with a kind of horrifying, alien aesthetic. Would abduct people, break their mind, and force them into large theatre-esque rituals of synchronized movement and self-mutilation. Said to look like an eyeless, bony mannequin with blades instead of hands or feet. Destroyed by Templar Barton of Saint’s Rest, and her squire Josiah of Aspenwulle.

Jansen Rourke, The First Courtier
In later years, Jansen Rourke’s library—in particular, his grotesque philosophical work The Law Of Hunger—would provide historians with a great deal of information about the Court of Nightmares. At the time, Jansen Rourke was a lowly scrivener who took pains to keep from the attention of the Ondarinists and Caelic the Black. All the while, he continued a fastidious habit of torture and cannibalism which has set the highwater mark for terror in Godsrock. That he operated for so long at the heart of the Taenish Kingdom has enshrined his infamy. Personally burned at the stake by Prelate Remus Gelt.

Court of Nightmares
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Notable Members of the Nightmare Court

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