Battle of Red Snow

“Tell Banmore to form a vanguard of all those men who have family in the kingdom proper, and charge the enemy on my appointed signal.”
“Where should the General direct his men, sire?”
“Are we not surrounded? Let my standard-bearer choose a direction as fits his distemper.” – conversation between High King Artor the Wise and his war-marshal, according to Rise of the Banmors by Ser Garrett Ortmire

In 318 T.R. the various Paolic Clans had united under the White King Mordech, and crossed the White River to assail the budding Taenish Kingdom. The following decade saw the Taenish push back, eventually forcing the Palelander forces back across the White.

The current High King, Artor the Wise, chose to follow them into their native territory against the council of his friends and assembled war-marshals.

To the surprise of few, Artor’s advance into Paolic territory was fraught with howling skirmishers, uncompromising weather, and an overwhelmingly hostile population. Mordech, having lost a large portion of his trained forces, pulled on local militias and untrained levies in order to harass Artor— the White King eventually succeeded in pinning the Taenish forces into a vale just outside of Starkholme.

Outnumbered and in poor morale, the Taenish expedition seemed to be on the verge of collapse. What followed is recorded as one of the great military victories of the Taenish, and marks the beginning of the Third Era.

Artor formed half his force under his good friend and most loyal companion, a man of common birth named Corbin Banmor. Even as Mordech’s initial assault stymied against an unexpected advance, Artor formed what remained of the Taenish cavalry element and drove straight towards the banner of the White King himself.

High King Artor the Wise faced White King Mordech, and personally felled him with his own spear.

Despite holding the advantage of numbers, and despite Banmor’s element losing six of every ten men, the Paolic forces wavered when their leader’s banner fell. Artor, greviously wounded, managed to rout the Palelanders on the field.

In less than a month, Taenish forces marched through the gates of Starkholme unopposed. In less than six, the Palelands were officially incorporated into the Taenish Kingdom, and Corbin Banmor was raised to Lord Protector. His bloodline has, ever since, watched over the province.

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Battle of Red Snow

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