The Palelands

I’m Paolic! When I feel better I feel better than anyone. when I am in pain I yell at the top of my lungs. And when I am dead I shall be deader than anybody” – Lord Adric Banmore, 876 T.R.

The wintry lands north of the White River are, appropriately if not imaginatively, called the Palelands. The lands—and the Paolic people who live there—are rough and uncompromising. Unlike the Greenwold, the people of the Palelands readily submitted to Taenish rule once it was apparent that they could not oppose them militarily. That is in the Paolic mindset; never to gainsay an honest victory, even when that victory is not your own.

The Province in truth only encompasses half of the Paleland region, being hemmed in to the north by the Bulwark Mountains. The Lord Protector, Adric Banmore, rules from the ancient Paolic fortress Starkholme.

Other notable locations include the frontier city of Northlight, and the notorious port-city of Icewatch Harbor which stands where the White River meets the Craithe Lake, and Whitehall a bustling trading town at one of the most popular crossing points along the White River.

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The Palelands

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