The Crags Province

“Power is not a thing to be had or lacked, given or taken, bought or sold. Power is an activity. One does not have power, one performs it" – from The Politick Science by Klaus Draegar

The imposing Phalanx Peaks describe the westernmost edge of the Unified Kingdoms; past them are the dangerous and unruly Mercenary Lands, and past those, the veritably uncharted Irambar Desert.

The Cragsmansch populate the Phalanx Peaks, and their Thegns were some of the first to swear fealty to the Taenish Crown hundreds of years ago. The deep and rich mines which typify the mountains terrain of the Crags Province have proven a boon ever since.

From the infamous fortress-city of Blackcrag, the Lord Protector ensures that mines are opened and stay open. His retainers patrol the trade routes in and out of the Phalanx Peaks— most especially the Conqueror’s Road which runs straight through the Province towards Godsrock.

While bandits and highwaymen are a regular danger, the disposition of the Crags Province’s nobility sees them brazenly and frequently maneuvering for political position. In the Crags, one’s fortune always rests on the edge of a knife, and it does oneself good to know who is holding the knife.

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The Crags Province

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