Taen the Conqueror

Lo then did the Would-Have-Been King weep, for there were no lands left to conquer. And Adhan the Mystic asked of his tears and the Never-King spoke; “For I had a child, once, in a time undreamt. This crown and this throne – hard won in blood and the toil of Man – have slain him before he should be.” And Adhan the Mystic took pity on his friend and spoke the truth of Sleep for him. And the Low King, who had stood with the Never-King at his final battle against the Ashanii, made a bed of Stone and Wood on which the Never-King should slumber.” – from Auld Tales of Taene & Histories of the Kingdom by Jerod Wincemere, 103 T.R.

Perhaps the most important mythological figure in Taenish culture and the history of the Unified Kingdoms, there is precious little known about the origins of Taen the Conqueror.

It is generally agreed that Taen was a member of one of the proto-Taenish tribes which suffered under the oppressive heel of the Sha’an Empire. It is also generally agreed that regardless of his origin, Taen the Conqueror rose to unprecedented prominence to unite the disparate proto-Taenish tribes and overthrown the Sha’anii.

When his forces eventually besieged and captured the Sha’anii capital of Shaliper, Taen renamed the city Godsrock in honor of his deity Ondarin with the following proclamation, preserved by the Church of Ondarin for hundreds of years.

“Let it be thus known that by the full weight and just power of Taen The Conqueror, whose salvation of these lands be bought at great cost of life, does utter inviolate this decree; hereafter and in honor of the Lord On High, Most Holy Ondarin, Blessed And Eternal, the pagan nation and capital of Shalliper is no more.
This be His rock, Godsrock, for forever and a day, until perdition itself tests the resolve of His Faithful."

Taen the Conqueror is associated with two figures; one historical and the other mythological. The first is Adhan the Mystic, also known as Morlin Ambrosius or Myrddon the Magicker— it was this figure who taught Caelic the Black the secrets of wizardry, and therefore, is indirectly responsible for the formation of the Conclave of Arcanists.

The second figure is the mythological Low King. Historians have never agreed on whether this supposed general in Taen’s army actually existed, is an amalgam of several historical figures, or represents some foreign royalty that involved themselves in the fall of the Sha’an Empire. What is known is that all ancient myths and tales agree that, when Taen the Conqueror mysteriously disappeared it was the Low King who knew to whence he’d gone.

The Unified Kingdom’s calendar is called “Taenish Reckoning” and counts year one as the same that Shaliper fell to Taen the Conqueror’s forces.

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