“I breathed the entheogenic herbs that rise from the center of their spiritual rituals, and walked the thorny paths and secret ways of their dark forests. It was their kind hospitality I enjoyed— their fearsome tempers I feared, as well.” – from The Chronicles of Oa, Vol. II by Tranto Wordfellow

The Stahlic people are said to be descended from the people of the Sha’an Empire which predates the Unified Kingdoms. Historians point to the fact that, for example, the Stahlic chief and shaman-figure is called by the Sha’anii word for a member of the priest-caste (satrap). So too, that many Stahlic cultural sites coincide with Sha’anii ruins.

Regardless of the veracity of this claim, the fact remains that the Stahlmen of the Greenwold and the Taenish of the plains have been at odds for hundreds of years. The Church of Ondarin has, several times in history, claimed that their Stahlic Paganism is heretical and hellish. The infamous Quisitions saw Stahlmen slaughtered by the thousands, and decades ago was the horrific Massacre at Old Oak.

The Stahlic culture values two things; a hard-jawed sense of independence and the unswerving laws of hospitality. Each Stahlman is sovereign in their own home, their culture advises, and not even death can countermand that truth.

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