“Get six Roodsein in a room together and you’ll end up with seven opinions, none in agreement.” – Archmage Joanna Lecht, 877 T.R.

To a more prudish and religious-minded Taenish, the Roodsein are as close to the devil-made-flesh as you might find. Their lands, the brackish Redwater, are strange and uninviting. Their songs are gutteral, phlegmish, and bawdy. Their plays are bloody and display a casual sense of ammorality.

And yet, the Roodsein are the only peoples of the Unified Kingdoms who were never conquered (a fact many are eager to repeat to any Taenish who will listen).

Some historians point to the natural advantage the Redwater Province’s terrain offered; heavily armored Taenish knights floundered where the lightly armored Roodsein scouts and bravos could operate with impunity. Others, however, point to the stubborn arrogance of the Roodsein as well as their culturally cosmopolitan attitude.

The Roodsein culture has flourished by taking from other cultures what elements work for them . The Roodsein practice the law with the same scrupulous veneration for the written word as the Ghozuli, for example, and their art displays a philosophy of personal excellence that is not out of place in the Mercenary Lands (“It matters not who you are,” writes Willem duDunne, “Except that you are the best of yourself”).

The casual competitive spirit the Roodsein culture displays means that the elegance of an act is as important (if not more so) than the success of it.

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