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When I began this book it was with the aimless desire to simply catalog that which I’d done, the places I had visited, and the peoples I had the good fortune of meeting. Just another entirely self-absorbed travelogue from an author whose pedigree includes a fair number already, in point of fact.

During the course of scribbling, however, I’ve found myself drawn to a larger ambition; to attempt a kind of anthology that captures not just the particular and peculiar but, in truth, the great damned thing.

In my good fortune I have seen much, learned much, and now is perhaps the time to collapse it all into a single place so that some reader might experience what it means to live in this dangerous, beautiful world of Oa.

This will not be my story, nor the story of those whom I know, nor the history of one nation. It will be all of them, at once, and more beside.

No mere travelogue, this shall be a chronicle of our world

— Forward from The Chronicles of Oa, Vol. I by Tranto Wordfellow, published by the Greystone Library

The Unified Kingdoms of Taen

Cultures of the Kingdoms

Organizations of the Kingdoms

Historical and Mythical Figures

Timeline of the Kingdoms

Beyond the Kingdoms

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