“Greed is your God, Falstaff.”

“No. Greed bows to me. It is my servant and my lever.”
- a conversation between Jorj Godfrey and Lord Protector Falstaff Draegar, 878 T.R.

There are many unkind stereotypes about the Cragsmansch people of the Crags Province. The first and most common is that they are overtly ambitious and conspicuously consumptive. Even after they were conquered in the Siege of Blackcrag, the Crag Province has been a wealthy and politically active region of the Unified Kingdoms.

In Cragsmansch culture there is indeed weight given to one’s personal and familial wealth as a sign of merit; those who have wealth are regarded as deserving that which they have. Moreover, a slip in one’s fortune is likely to be met with ambivalence rather than compassion— former peers will be more interested in seeing whether you can reverse the decline yourself than offer aid in doing so.

Part of the reason for this is the harsh and unforgiving mountains in which the Cragsmansch people developed; they understand fundamentally that all things have a cost to be paid, be it in blood, sweat, or gold. It is traditional, for example, for a couple wishing to marry to pay their parents and ‘buy off’ the debt accrued in their raising.

In this way, a Cragsmansch couple need not concern themselves with any obligation, and may start the work of building their own fortune.

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